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Principal's Message

Principal's Message 

     Hello Bend Gate families and community members!  My name is Deborah Harman, Bend Gate Elementary School’s new principal.  I would like to thank this community for allowing me to lead our school to the next level of greatness.   BGT is an amazing school, filled with wonderful students, teachers, and staff.  My goal for our children is to grow, each day, in order to reach their full potential.  This includes reaching out to every family member to let them know that they are welcome in our school and that they are our teaching partners.  Family support is essential to students’ success!

     I have been in the educational field for 23 years.  I have administrative experience at both the pre-school level and at the district level in a neighboring district.  My previous five years were spent at Cairo Elementary School in Henderson County as a speech-language pathologist and as a Leader in Me Lighthouse team member. 

     It is my privilege to serve as this school’s leader.  We are fortunate to have teachers and staff who devote their time and energies to our children.  We will continue to strive to make BGT a place for children to learn, grow, and develop character habits that will endure throughout their lives.  We have embraced the Leader in Me Program at Bend Gate—expect to see changes in our building this year.  Your children may come home using different phrases:  “think win-win,”  “be proactive,” or “synergize.”  These may be new to your ears, but your children will be implementing these habits every day!

     Expect, also, changes in instruction.  Our school team of teachers and staff plan to work diligently to address all students’ needs.  I am excited to lead these instructional changes. 

     In closing, please know that you are welcome in your child’s school.   I want to know and work with all our families.  Together, we will continue to improve our children’s futures!