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Procedures and Policies » Morning/Dismissal Procedures

Morning/Dismissal Procedures

The Morning Procedures

Students must be dropped off in front parking lot in the car rider lines only no sooner than 7:00 am.  The doors will be locked until 7:00 am.  Students will enter the building through the doors by the gym/cafeteria only.  The doors by the gym/cafeteria will be locked at 7:30 am.  If your child arrives after 7:30 am, a parent/guardian will need to sign him/her in at the front office.

Dismissal Procedures

 At 2:24 pm, car riders, day care, and walkers are dismissed.  Car riders should be picked up in the front parking lot in the car rider lines only.  Walkers are escorted by a staff member from the building to the corner of Bend Gate Road and Green River Road.
At 2:26 pm, bus riders are escorted to the buses by their teachers. 
*If there is a change in transportation, students must have a note with parent/guardian signature stating the change in transportation.  Otherwise, students will go home as they normally do.
*If there is an emergency which causes a sudden change in transportation plans, please call 831-5040.